Alex Gondek Computer Science Education

Level up your UBC CPSC experience with help from an award-winning former TA with years of industry experience.

Alex Gondek

My name is Alex, and I am a UBC Computer Science graduate and former teaching assistant who now works as a software engineer. Since graduating, I have continued to tutor and coach students in my spare time because I enjoy helping them excel in their courses and prepare for a rewarding career in the software industry.

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CPSC Tutoring:

My academic success (A+ in all my CPSC courses), combined with my work as a software engineer, allows me to deliver learning experiences that help you excel academically and focus on concepts that will make the most impact in co-op and full-time jobs.

  • CPSC 103: Introduction to Systematic Program Design
  • CPSC 107: Systematic Program Design
  • CPSC 110: Computation, Programs, and Programming
  • CPSC 121: Models of Computation
  • CPSC 210: Software Construction
  • CPSC 213: Introduction to Computer Systems
  • CPSC 310: Introduction to Software Engineering
  • CPSC 311: Definition of Programming Languages
  • CPSC 410: Advanced Software Engineering
  • CPSC 411: Introduction to Compiler Construction

Interview Prep:

Whether it's for technical, coding, behavioral, or co-op admissions interviews, I can help you prepare in a way that will effectively communicate your skills, interests, and personality to your interviewers.

Academic Planning:

Not sure which courses to take? I can help you create a plan that aligns with your interests, supports your career goals, integrates well with a co-op program, is resilient to limited seats and waitlists, and takes care of all your degree requirements in an optimal way.

General Programming Advising:

I can assist you with planning out and kickstarting a side project or learning a new language, framework, or platform.

Student Reviews

The TA award and student feedback I have gotten over the years reflect my skill and passion for teaching. Here's what some of my former students had to say:

Alex Gondek's 2013 TA Award
Alex does a good job of reassuring students and instilling confidence. He is also very considerate.
Very helpful and patient... good at providing hints without revealing the answers outright.
Alex is patient, friendly, and explains confusing or difficult material in a concise and logical manner.
He has a genuine interest in helping students out, even when a problem goes beyond the scope of a course.
Alex was very helpful and informative during project tutorials. His feedback was clear and helped us achieve maximum points!
Super helpful explanations when asking things for midterm review. They really helped me learn. Also a super nice guy.
He did a great job getting students to understand the materials. If you were stuck on a question he would explain the solution step-by-step.
Alex's instructions were clear and helpful. He was also patient and it was nice that he encourages students to really think about the problem before giving direct answers.

Rates & Offers

An introductory consultation is free.

My services range from $40/hour to $55/hour (depending on the course or interview prep type). I also have project-based / flat-fee rates for some services.

If you like my services and refer your colleagues to me, I will give you a free session.

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